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Rapid Development Tools

Molecule’s developer environment eliminates the need to architect and develop all the basic infrastructure needed to support embedded applications. Allowing developers to spend time and resources on the specific needs of the product. Mundane time-consuming tasks like, protocol conversions and interoperability, low level memory management, device file management, and back to base communication and security, have been encapsulated in the tools and libraries, allowing you to focus on building customer applications.

The speed, ease and flexibility offered by the Molecule platform, enables the rapid development and delivery of working prototypes into the market for customer and user feedback. This iterative process gets you to the market quickly and de-risks an otherwise long and inflexible development process.

Jump Start Your Build - with Application Templates!  

Our configurable application templates and libraries provide a stable starting point for developers and assist in sharing timesaving "how to" knowledge in support of completing your build. Templates cover embedded, cloud and mobile application development needs. All Application Templates are provided as source code.

For those with existing Linux based platforms, Molecule templates can operate as a Subsystem. This allows legacy Linux users to modularly add features and capabilities as needed until they are ready to transition to the full MOS 350. 

Monitoring & Reporting - Template

The template provides the building blocks to capture monitoring data from connected devices via a wide range of communication protocols - Zigbee SE/HA, Modbus TCP/IP/RTU. Users can adjust the frequency of data payloads, reformat data and select what data to include in each interval.

Basic Automation - Template

The template facilitates the implementation for automated controls for switching and scheduling. It also provides a JSON command set to interact with end devices. These command sets are 100% customizable by a user. This template also provides implementation of MOS 350’s Zigbee stack and base automation modules.

Advanced Automation - Template

The template enables the rapid implementation of advanced functions: Demand Response, VPP, maximizing self-consumption, Hierarchical control of loads and Predictive Intelligence and control. Each function is programable by the end user and is plug and play when combined with our Mobile App Template.

Mobile Application - Template

The mobile app template consists of several sub-templates that include: User registration and profile management, monitoring, basic and advanced automation, system commissioning (for installers), and rate tariff builder. 

Inverter / Modbus Integration

The template provides implementation of Modbus control libraries as well as user programable inverter integration modules. 

Application Manager

The template provides the basic architecture for package handling for application management and updating for the gateway itself and downstream devices. Once the package is delivered and validated, it is pushed applicable devices.

Commissioning & Remote Debugging

The template includes the basic implementation of commissioning workflow management and live remote debugging capabilities.

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Quick Start Kits Include:
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  • Two ZigBee smart plugs (U.S. form-factor only)

Things You Can Do:
  • Understand MOS 350 in depth 
  • Quickly prototype and build production grade applications
  • Demonstrate the use of automation libraries and their features
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