• We dared to dream big!

    The Molecule team has dedicated the last 20 years to tackling the intricate demands of the energy sector, spanning project design, construction, system integrations, and the development of advanced energy management and smart grid software development, and edge computing AI solutions.

    As the power system becomes more distributed and interdependent, it propels the energy transition forward while also introducing new complexities for businesses and utilities to navigate. Our core mission is to simplify EnergyTech and unleash the innovation needed to accelerate the energy transition.

Our Story

Our story in many ways is not too dissimilar to other companies who have faced the need to digitize their products and services. Developing software started out fairly straight forward but as functionality expanded, so did the complexity. To the point where when we had an issue, there was little confidence in the reliability of the fix. And, as the market required new features, the risk, and the cost to deliver them was high.

We've Been There

Having completed dozens of truck rolls and received hundreds of calls to troubleshoot software issues in the field, when we say the Molecule platform delivers reliable, mature, and scalable applications, it's because we've experienced enough to know the difference. 

We've also learned that “projects” are often successful thanks to skilled field crews and teams that do whatever it takes to get it to work... A process that is far from scalable. 

And the reason software products in energy often fail, is because no two projects are the same and legacy software architectures are rigid and not built to be tailored to the specific needs and design of a project. 

The News Flash

The news flash for us was, the IT industry did not have a reliable, flexible and scalable solution to support the complex needs of energy projects. And to make matters worse, IT industry experts had little understanding of energy systems. 

Whats more, energy applications being built today rely on a patchwork of legacy platforms and explains why reliability issues, cost overruns and project delays persist with no end in sight. 

The Solution

Molecule Systems is a technology platform and proprietary Edge Operating System (OS) purpose built to serve the needs of next generation energy. It fills a critical infrastructure gap needed to reliably scale software driven energy products and services and unlocks innovation in energy in ways not possible before... When you're not behind schedule and over budget, you can afford to innovate! 

Our Why

MOS 350 gets its name from 350 ppm (parts per million) - the “safe” ratio of carbon dioxide molecules to all other molecules in the atmosphere. Today, our planet is at 412 ppm and climbing. 

Delivering software applications in weeks that otherwise would take years, represents a disruptive advancement toward accelerating the digital energy transition. Doing so is an imperative and the Molecule System's mission.