Modernizing Energy Systems with Intelligent Infrastructure

Molecule Systems provides an end-to-end platform for virtual power plant (VPP) enablement and energy management. We streamline distributed energy resource (DER) market access, automate energy operations, and optimize performance with advanced cloud and edge technologies. Effortlessly access VPP markets and maximize customer value with our cutting-edge solutions.

Platform Offerings

MosVPP simplifies market entry with single API integration, eliminating separate infrastructures. MosEMS-Cloud offers a hardware-free, cloud-based energy management system, optimizing energy use. MosEMS-Edge provides real-time device control for autonomous energy automation.

VPP Solution

Simplifying OEM Access to Energy Markets with a Single Integration. 

MosVPP simplifies energy market access for OEMs with a single API integration, eliminating the need for separate VPP infrastructures per market. This streamlines entry, helping manufacturers stay competitive and unlock new revenue streams and market opportunities.

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EMS Cloud Solutions

An EMS With No Hardware Required

MosEMS-Cloud offers a cloud-based API energy management system, requiring no hardware and granting access to over 1000 DER makes and models. Provides customers with a hardware agnostic energy management system that optimizes energy consumption and maximizes VPP participation and energy savings.

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EMS Edge Solutions

Advanced Edge EMS Purpose Built for Autonomous Energy Automation

MosEMS-Edge provides real-time device control and orchestration without relying on cloud connectivity, ideal for real-time energy management of high value assets and diverse devices such as Battery Storage, Solar, EV Chargers, and more.

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Over 1000 OEMs Supported

Universal EnergyTech Platform for VPP and DER Management

Enhancing Economic Performance & Future-Proofing Assets
Akin to the smartphone industry, that benefited from an explosion of mobile apps and innovation, Molecule introduces an energy sector platform, like Android or iOS, compatible with any hardware.

App Store

Create and transact applications via the Molecule App Store. With application stacking, expand capabilities effortlessly by running multiple applications in parallel. Our software-defined solutions enable seamless integration and management of diverse hardware devices.

Sample Use Cases

Seamlessly add capabilities such as load control, VPP market access, and V2G. Or integrate and orchestrate hardware systems - EV chargers, Battery Storage, Water Heaters, etc.


Rapidly develop advanced applications, boost system performance, and enhance DER asset value—all without reengineering. Redefine Future-Proof!

Software Developers

In addition to our EMS and VPP product offerings, Molecule's EnergyTech infrastructure platform empowers companies to quickly launch and scale energy products and services with modern, efficient solutions. By simplifying EnergyTech development with access to production ready modules and libraries, we reduce time, cost, and risk, allowing companies to focus on unique IP creation. Our platform supports both technical and non-technical users with low-code and no-code tools, enabling rapid delivery of innovative, market-leading products and services.