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    for Next-Gen Energy Solutions

    Modernize Your Energy Software 
    deliver cutting-edge solutions. 

    Molecule is an EnergyTech Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform that eliminates the complexity, time, cost, and risk associated with legacy software development, transforming energy companies into software innovators.
      • Achieve a 20X Cost Reduction.
      • Accelerate Time to Market by 10X.
      • Harness an AI-Powered Self-Healing Framework.
      • Choose Between No-Code and Pro Coding Options.
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    "What once took me months to custom code I can now complete in minutes, with no-code!"

System Integrators:

Whether starting from scratch, or updating legacy software - eliminate interoperability challenges, differentiate your products, add new features and capabilities, easily manage and update your fleet.

Asset Owners & Managers:

Own your data, control your assets, maximize system value, and expand service offerings effortlessly without on-site visits. Leverage software to continuously deliver increased value to your customers over time. 

Project Developers:

Effortlessly deploy custom-tailored software regardless of the equipment vendor chosen, sell innovative solutions without the stress of software concerns, and minimize software costs.


Provide energy products with cutting-edge software capabilities, harness the power of software to enhance customer experience, and drive innovation with reduced risk.

Want more from your software?  
Does innovation feel too risky?  Always playing software catch-up?  
Launching a new product with limited resources?

Step into a New Era of Software Development

Molecule's EnergyTech infrastructure platform offers modern infrastructure for any company to quickly launch and scale energy products and services. We simplify EnergyTech development, reducing time, cost, and risk, allowing companies to concentrate on unique IP creation. The platform caters to technical and non-technical users with low-code and no-code tools, to rapidly deliver innovative market leading products and services. 

 Put an END to:

  • Ongoing reengineering & infrastructure maintenance
  • Product launches plagued by delays & budget overruns
  • Missed market opportunities
  • The risk of commoditization
  • Unreliable software and subpar customer & user experiences
  • Limited choices between off-the-shelf and custom ground up development

Experienced coders can harness the advantages of the Platform Engineering environment—a curated collection of tools, frameworks, services, and standards. This environment ensures a streamlined development process, optimizing efficiency and offering a dependable, scalable foundation for bespoke application development.

The Disruptive Benefits of Edge Computing:  Introducing MOS 350

 Edge computing is fueling a new era of smart applications capitalizing on the latest in AI and ML advancements. 
MOS 350 is an AI-powered Automation and Orchestration layer compatible with any Linux-based Edge Operating System.
Think of MOS 350 as a flavor of Linux purpose-built to support the development of custom energy applications. 
Edge Computing benefits, MOS 350, Edge Operating System, Edge OS, infographic

Empower your team with the most advanced, efficient and reliable EnergyTech software tools available.

Automation Engine: If you need to level up your Energy Management System (EMS), integrate with new and additional devices, and deploy solutions quickly, the Automation Engine is the place to start. Molecule's AI-Powered, no-code Automation Engine revolutionizes traditional one-size-fits-all applications. It employs a modern, flexible automation framework to configure project-specific device orchestration rules, ensuring optimized system performance. Seamlessly transitioning between On-grid energy management (Peak Shaving, TOU, Self-Consumption), Off-grid energy management, and microgrid level market participation (DR/VPP), the automation engine ensures every project has tailored software to deliver more value in every use case. 

No-Code Device Integration: Molecule's No-Code Integration Tool simplifies integration with a user-friendly drag-and-drop UI, reducing errors for non-technical users. With a one-time integration effort with Molecule's MOS 350 required for each new device, once its integrated, it can be seamlessly utilized across diverse hardware configurations and project use cases without the need for repeated integration efforts or reengineering. All devices integrated with MOS 350 can engage in Molecule Automations, allowing your products and services to provide unmatched value.

​EnergyTech Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Why risk developing infrastructure when it offers no unique IP or product differentiation?

Give your business the advantages it deserves - cost efficiency, scalability and innovation at your fingertips. 

Plug-and-Play Platform Infrastructure:
  • Cloud Services - From the Edge to the Cloud 
  • Communications & Security Framework
  • Database structure & Management
  • Alerting & Reporting
  • Control & Automation Tools
  • AI-Powered Device Orchestration
  • Grid Services - VPP/DR
  • Check the box compliance (OpenADR / IEEE)
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Rely on Proven Infrastructure!
MOS 350 is an AI-Powered automation and control layer compatible with any Linux based edge device.

Initially developed for the aerospace and defense sectors, MOS 350 brings the power, security, and intelligence of cloud computing to the edge. With its hybrid architecture, it combines the strengths of both cloud and edge computing to provide a robust and reliable energy management system infrastructure. Positioned at the grid edge, MOS 350 operates with the speed, intelligence, and efficiency necessary to serve the real-time needs of distributed energy resources. 

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Digital  Transformation - Is a process

80% of digital initiatives fail due to selecting the wrong tech and the wrong strategy. Thus, it’s no surprise most energy companies identify software as a primary risk factor to success.

Energy is Complex

The energy landscape is changing by the minute and systems are becoming more and more complex and interconnected. By leveraging Molecule's purpose-built infrastructure, you de-risk your digital initiatives and can wisely allocate software resources to projects that solve immediate challenges and / or create competitive advantages legacy platforms cannot compete with.

Leading with Confidence

The most important decision leaders can make is selecting the right platform, as it will become the foundation for success. Ensuring it address today’s needs yet flexible enough to adapt to the unknown challenges of the future is the key.

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Maintain IP Ownership

When software development is made easy, it allows companies to transform their knowledge-based IP into proprietary software IP. With Molecule, whether we develop your software for you, or you leave it to your IT team, you own the source code.

Buying off-the-shelf software for applications core to your product and business has never been a scalable or lasting strategy, though necessary when cost, time and risk are a concern.

Molecule eliminates the risk, time, and cost associated with legacy platforms - allowing companies to take ownership in the software that differentiates their products, brand and customer experience.

Supported Hardware

Molecule offers porting services allowing you to select from any Linux or Embedded Linux based microprocessor. Our team can advise you on hardware gateway options based on your product needs, budget, and use cases.

Custom Development

Molecule offers turn-key software development services. We welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively and in support of in-house IT teams, filling in where you need us - architecture design, embedded, cloud, and mobile development expertise. 

Cloud Hosting Services

Molecule's cloud hosting services support its hybrid Edge / Cloud architecture. And include - security, communications, data handling, application update management, database management, OS maintenance and fleet administration and management. 


Having spent 15 years focused on energy and software, we invite you to tap into our teams boots on the ground experience. We frequently consult on software architecture, migrating from an old to a new platform, product development, gateway hardware selection and system integrations.   

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